Khloe Still Worried About Lamar Odom In New Episode Of KUWTK


Khloe-Kardashian-and-Lamar-Odom-mainThe July 31 episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ was full of surprises, as always. The gang headed to Havana, Cuba, and that’s when everything started. Kourtney started fighting with the whole fam and Kris Jenner got fed up that no one would talk to her — it was intense.

The gang headed to Cuba and had the time of their lives taking selfies and riding in hot pink convertibles, but that didn’t mean there was no drama, of course.

Khloe was having such an amazing time while she was in Cuba, but her mind was totally elsewhere. She couldn’t help but worry about her husband, Lamar Odom, while she was on vacation.

She was expressing how worried she was to her sisters when she said,

“Is he just gonna run away while we’re here?”

It breaks people’s heart that Khloe is constantly stressed about what’s going on back home with Lamar. She finally had a revelation, though and said, “I need to start pushing myself to do things that are more for me, instead of for everybody else.” Good for you Khloe, it’s about time you start thinking about what’s best for you and not for others — you come first and that’s that.

She even expressed that she doesn’t want him to just be hung up on her, sitting around doing nothing. Khloe said,

“I just want home to focus on positive things.”

It makes us so upset that Khloe is constantly on edge worrying about Lamar, she is way too young for that — she’s only 32-years-old. In a way, while we would love to see Khloe and Lamar live happily ever after together, it’s honestly a good thing that she filed for divorce and took the high road.

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