Jay Z Pushes Fan Away From Beyonce [VIDEO]


Jay Z Pushes Fan Away From Beyonce [VIDEO]

Jay Z is a caring husband, no doubt about that… The rapper pushed a fan away from his beautiful wife, Beyonce in New York City on Monday..

The superstar couple stepped out for a date night in Manhattan. Wearing matching grey suits, they attended the U.S. premiere of Hands Of Stone, starring their friend Usher, at the SVA Theatre. Beyonce and Jay Z quietly made their way into the venue through the back door, without much fanfare.

But after night fell and it came time for the stars to exit, more photographers and fans were on the street. And one got a little too close to Beyonce for Jay’s comfort. As the pair made their way to a waiting car, the unidentified guy went up to the songstress for a selfie.

And while Beyonce was seen smiling for the pics as they walked towards her vehicle, Jay ended up pushing the fan away as she neared the open car door. Footage of the incident shows Jay reaching out, and using his hand to push the fan’s shoulder. A bodyguard then steps in to separate the guy from the performers. The rapper then glares at the fan before following his wife into the SUV.

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