‘I Had Unprotected Intercourse Without Fear of Pregnancy’ – Eazzy



Popular Ghanaian singer, Eazzy said she uses a contraceptive called Postinor-2 after intercourse to avoid giving birth out of wedlock.

While a lot of ladies are worried about getting pregnant, the “Wengeze” hit maker, Eazzy doesn’t think that as a problem because she is very confident that she will never give birth out of wedlock. She opened up that she makes use of protection after intercourse.

Eazzy reveals “I’ve had unprotected sex but then there is Postinor-2”. She said that she doesn’t support abortion “Of course, there is no other option. Absolutely! I am not a supporter of abortion”, and she plans what happens to her when she meets a man.

There are things she doesn’t like “I hate it when people disappoint me and I hate it when people don’t do what they are supposed to do. You know your job and yet you want me to talk before you do it, I hate that”. She also added that she is not quick temper.

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