‘I am not a Role Model’- Kaffy Shuts Down Haters Who Criticise Her for Posing Topless



Nigerian dancer, Kaffy hardly ever engages fans on her social media, but the dance queen was forced to call out trolls who had unkind things to say when she shared her new topless photo.

The drama started after the famous dancer/dance instructor celebrated her body by posing for a topless photo by top photographer, Kelechi Amadi-Obi.

“I celebrate this body as it’s a testimony of God’s ingenuity. A production factory. An abode for passion. A chamber for motherhood,” she captioned the selfie, adding, “A masterpiece.”

While some fans had pleasant things to say, many called out her ‘indecent’ dressing, criticised her for being a bad mother, and accused her of encouraging rape.

She had the perfect reply coming.

Rape isn’t caused by nudity, it’s by the wickedness of the heart of men,” she replied one troll, noting, “and being a role model shouldn’t subject me to live a lie or the life you want me to live.

For emphasis, she made it clear that she never asked to be perceived as a ‘role model’. “And I don’t remember ever saying “hello people, I am a role model. watch this space. You choose different things about a person that inspires. Not (everyone) needs to.”

From there, Kaffy reminded other fans that they should leave her out of their idea of a perfect life, adding that it is not in their place to judge how she carries on with her trade.




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