FUNAABSU Awards Unveils Categories For Year 2016, Call For Nominations



This is is the categories for nominations for the Funaabsu (Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta) Awards 2016 and an official call for nominations for the below listed categories.

All nominations should be forwarded to 07038586936. (Whatsapp Only)

➡ Bookworm (Best CGPA).
➡ Fresh Brain of the year (100L Student with highest GP).
➡ Best HOC of the year.
➡ Best  Campus Humanitarian group.
➡ Most Beautiful.
➡ Most Handsome.
➡ Best Dressed (M).
➡ Best Dressed (F).
➡Most Fashionable (M).
➡ Most Fashionable (F).
➡ Most Sophisticated (M).
➡ Most Sophisticated (F).
➡ Mr Personality.
➡ Miss Personality.
➡ Best Clique (M).
➡ Best Clique (F).
➡ Most Popular (M).
➡ Most popular (F).
➡ Rookie Of The Year (All round best ➡ 100L/200L student).
➡ Most Sought After (M).
➡ Most Sought After (F).
➡ Photographer of the year.
➡ Online Brand of the year.
OAP of the year.
➡ Model of the year.
➡ Entertainment Personality of the year.
➡ Entrepreneur of the year.
➡ PR of the year.
➡ Blog of the year.
➡ Blogger of the year
➡ Song of the year.
➡ Artiste of the year.
Next Rated artiste.
➡ Revelation of the year.
➡ Most Active Honorable.
➡ Exco of the year.
➡ Most Influential.
➡ Student Politician of the year.
➡ Money Bag.
➡ Most Expensive.
➡ Best Automobile.
➡ Most Creative Student.
➡ Miss Portable.
➡ Mr Ebony.
➡ Miss Ebony.
➡ Big Bold & Beautiful.
Slim Shady.
➡ Most Innovative Student.
➡ Student Comedian/Mc/Actor of the year.
➡ Event of the year.
➡ Sportsman of the year
➡ Sportswoman of the year.
➡ Sports team of the year.

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