Freeze & Basketmouth Blasts Each Other On IG Over The Price Of A Rolex



Daddy Freeze and Basketmouth are back at their petty fight again..

A couple of days ago Basketmouth shared a post on his Instagram page of a Rolex watch saying that he can’t spend that much on a timepiece especially when it can’t tell him when Jesus is coming.

Read what he wrote below;

I will only spend N23,000,000 on a watch, if the watch can tell me……

1: The time Jesus is coming back

2: When they will bring back the girls

3: The time corruption will stop in Naija

4: The time the Naira will be equal to the dollar….just to mention a few.

Freeze known for his love of super high end watches must have taken this a sub from the comedian because shortly after he posted a picture of the same Rolex and said, it was not only one of his favorite watches but if he (we believe he was talking about Basketmouth) wants to know when Jesus is coming he should give his life to Christ.


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