Actress Georgina Onuoha to Body-Shamers: ‘I’m at Peace, Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter’



Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha has never been one to brawl with fans on social media, but after countless unkind comments about her body, Onuoha was forced to make a robust response last night.

“At peace. Thankful. Embracing my flaws. Loving my imperfections. Proud mommy of 2,” the screen goddess said, adding, “Just a mom, not a super model. Take your negative vibes off. Your opinion not matter nor count.”


Onuoha recently recovered from a threatening illness she had been battling for over 8 years. In March, she shared photo of herself recuperating at the Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, USA.

“For 8 years I have battled this illness and at every life threatening moment, you (God) have reassured me of your love. I will forever thank thee as I recover slowly,” the mother of two daughters said, noting that she had fully recovered.


Georgina Onuoha relocated to the United States over a decade ago where she got married to Dr Ifeanyi Igwebe, and had two daughters. She stayed away from the movie industry until her marriage crashed, and she would only speak about it four years later, maintaining that she remains great friends with her ex husband.

Now, she celebrates being a single mother, being alive and being able to live with her daughters. And when trolls hopped on her Malibu photos to make comments about her body, she shut them down and it was epic!

See the post and their beach photos:

Happy girls are the prettiest Live ❤️ Love 💗 and Laugh ❤️

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