9 Signs Your Man Is Way Too Jealous


9 Signs Your Man Is Way Too Jealous

A little bit of jealousy in a relationship can be normal, or even healthy sometimes. But when this jealousy starts to get completely out of hand, when it starts to cling to every move you make and every word you speak, and when it really starts to suffocate you, then it’s probably time for you to acknowledge it as a problem and actually do something about it.

Here are 9 signs that your partner has gone overboard with their jealousy:

You notice him subtly looking at your phone every time you text

Do you find him sneaking a quick look over your shoulder every time you start to use your phone? Or even worse, have you ever caught him snooping inside your phone as soon as he thinks you’re out of the room?

If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then you have a problem here. Everyone has a right to some privacy- even from the person you’re in a relationship with. And if your partner constantly feels the need to spy on you, then it only means that he doesn’t trust you enough.

He starts feeling uncomfortable when you’re with your guy friends

And if you keep letting this happen, then he might even muster up the courage to demand that you cut off all sources of communication with them. He feels threatened by their presence around you which is another sign of his lack of trust in you.

His insecurities will stop him from even making an effort to be friendly with them. And if he keeps warning you to not trust any of the guys around you, then he’s acting a little too possessive.

It’s extremely essential for him to get to get to know all of your good friends, even if they are guys.

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