‘30% Of Internet Users Are Psychologically Unstable’ -Basketmouth


'30% Of Internet Users Are Psychologically Unstable' -Basketmouth

Basketmouth was a guest on ‘The Gist’ hosted by Emma Ugolee, where the comedian commented on internet trolls.

According to Basketmouth, “There’s alot of people out there with mental problem and the have mobile phones and data. I can tell you that 30% of these people online are not stable. So now you give them twitter and a voice to have access into your life, what do you expect.”

He further spoken on celebrities, advising them not to bring personal matters to social media for discussion.

“Don’t bring your issues on social media and let people that have never been married before to judge you. At the end of the day, you are entertaining these people.

So when you put your life out there, you let people that are not too stable emotionally and otherwise say alot of crap about important issues,” the ribs cracker said.

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