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15 Secrets About Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Marriage You Don’t Want to Miss


15 Secrets About Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Marriage You Don’t Want to Miss


If you are a fan of Beyoncé or Jay Z, then you need to listen up. We are going to tell you some little-known tidbits about this musical couple that has taken the world by storm. Beyoncé truly is the Queen bee, and her husband is one of the most prolific and well-known rappers of his day, working with artists such as French Montana, DJ Khaled and Kanye West. And while Beyoncé and Jay Z have been together for what seems like forever, there are definitely rumors swirling around that things aren’t all rainbows and butterflies (or should we say dollar bills and Lamborghinis.) So here is our list of 15 Secrets About Jay Z and Beyoncé ’s Marriage You Don’t Want to Miss.

For instance, is Blue Ivy really the only child in the picture? How many of Jay Z’s arrests and charges are real and how many are staged? On that note, is all of the drama surrounding Bey and her husband just a publicity stunt put in place by the singers? Why was Solange beating on Jay Z in an elevator two years ago? These are just some of the questions that many Beyoncé and Jay Z fans will likely have, and we hope that our list helps to smooth out some of the wrinkles. If anything, it is wildly entertaining and will have you keeping a close eye on this hip hop duo. Even if you can’t get all of these secrets in formation, you are going to love reading all about them!

15. Jay Z Wants To Set The Record Straight


Everybody, get ready, because Jay Z is coming back into the spotlight with his own personal album that is rumored to “set the record straight” about his relationship and history with Queen B. Since his wife’s album Lemonade was released, there have been more rumors now than ever before that the two music bosses are set to separate any day now. Yet it could be that Beyoncé and Jay Z are just hyping this up, because really, who doesn’t like some romantic drama? Jay Z’s infidelity is said to be the subject of Beyoncé’s Lemonade, but there are some music critics who say that Bey isn’t referring to her hubby in this album. Even so, Jay Z wants to tell his side of things and release a new album that is more of a personal retelling than just his raps about living the high life as a worldwide rapper. We’ll see how that goes, but we’re sure it’ll be all over the record charts when it drops.

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