12 Random Facts About Emotional Singer, Bryson Tiller



1. How does Bryson Tiller know Drake?
Drake actually offered Bryson Tiller a record deal at OVO Sound! The Canadian rapper was so impressed by songs on Tiller’s debut album ‘TRAPSOUL’ that he personally texted him with the opportunity. However after lots of consideration, he turned him down in favour of a deal at RCA.

2. Bryson’s biggest hit is an R&B song called ‘Don’t’.
One of the standout songs from Tiller’s debut album is ‘Don’t – a very personal song about his relationship with his girlfriend. Speaking to he said: “I wasn’t being a good boyfriend and I was thinking like ‘what if somebody else was to come into the picture right now’ and be talking to my girl and telling her everything that she needs to hear, so I was like ‘I’m going to be that guy’ and write this song


3. The music video for ‘Don’t’ currently has over 41 million views on YouTube.
The official music video for ‘Don’t’ has been very popular on YouTube – gaining over 41 million views on the video sharing platform. It shows Tiller going through the stress of a relationship with his girlfriend


4. ‘Don’t’ was made on a $600 budget.
Bryson’s biggest song was made with very limited funds. He revealed the news on Twitter, writing: “8 months [Smitty] and [Stephon] gave me 600 dollars to buy studio equipment and I made ‘Don’t.’ life is so crazy.”
5. Bryson Tiller’s debut album ‘TRAPSOUL’ was released in September 2015.
Bryson dropped his debut album back on 25th September 2015. The Kentucky native put together an impressive project filled with very honest R&B slow jams and hard-hitting Hip Hop tracks.

6. Bryson made a song about the day he first released ‘Don’t’.
Since initially releasing ‘Don’t’ back in 2014, Bryson’s life has changed so much he actually made a song about it. Entitled ‘Ten Nine Fourteen’ after the date 10/09/14, the song details the impact it made on his life and appears on his ‘TRAPSOUL’ album.

7. Before fame Tiller worked at a pizza shop.
Bryson Tiller used to work at fast food chain Papa Johns before achieving success with his music. He used to create music part-time in his living room.

8. He has to live out experiences to write songs.

As a songwriter, Bryson Tiller needs to live through experiences in order to write his songs. Speaking to, he said: “Its hard for me to write without having anything to say, or anywhere to draw inspiration from. I’ve tried to go into the studio and make songs out of nowhere and I ended up making a real mediocre song.”

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9. Bryson is the proud father to a daughter called Harley.
Bryson has a 1-year-old daughter called Harley who he loves spending time with. The rapper often posts adorable pictures of the two together on his Instagram account.

10. Bryson Tiller’s first ever London show sold out in seconds!
Tiller’s show at London’s KOKO in March sold out in a matter of seconds, leaving many of his UK fans disappointed.

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11. Bryson was raised by his grandmother.
The singer was brought up by his grandmother after his mother died when he was just four-years-old. He grew up alongside his younger brother Eric in Louisville,

12. He was forced to sleep in his car when he was younger.
Before fame, Bryson Tiller was a struggling musician and often slept in his car. Speaking about the impact of his single ‘Don’t’, he told Billboard: “Not too long ago was the anniversary of when I dropped ‘Don’t’ on SoundCloud and I was just like, staring at the ceiling when I woke up that morning like, wow, I was sleeping in my car around this time just a year ago.”

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