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Watch: Lil Wayne Storms Off Stage Because the Crowd Was ‘Too Mellow’



Lil Wayne takes smoking weed very seriously but that does not mean he tolerates a crowd who puts the green stuff over his music.

Lil Wayne threw a not so little tantrum in the middle of his performance at the High Times Cannabis Concentrates Cup Show in San Bernardino, California, on Saturday.

According to reports, Weezy stormed off the stage midway through his set after telling the crowd, “you guys are too mellow, I’m from the south we turn up there.”

Wayne performed four songs, including his verses from French Montana’s “Pop That” and Gucci Mane’s “We Be Steady Mobbin’,” before the rapper looked at the side of the stage and sang, “Don’t you ever call me to do this shit again. Don’t you, ever, ever, ever, ask me to do this shit again.” Midway through the next song, Wayne marched offstage and didn’t return, XXL reports.