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There Is No Coordination And Unity In The Music Industry -Beautiful Nubia


There Is No Coordination And Unity In The Music Industry -Beautiful Nubia

Nigerian contemporary folk and roots musician, Segun Akinlolu popularly known as ‘Beautiful Nubia’ has shared his mind on what he the things affecting the growth of Nigeria music industry.

The press caught up with the musician in Lagos on Wednesday, July 27, 2016, where he noted that all genres of music in Nigeria need to come together, without any segregation.

He stressed that, the industry is lacking coordination and unity.

In his words;

“We cannot progress with this kind of attitude in the music industry, and we cannot leave a legacy for the generations to come.

We would only progress in the music industry when every musical genre come together to do things in unity.

All of us in the industry at the moment should keep working towards making the music industry a better place to enhance our act.

We have to look for ways to put structures in place to be able to move it to the next level and also make it better for those coming after us.”

He emphasized that abroad “music is music’’, no matter the genre of music, as far as people identify with it and like it.

“In Nigeria, you get to hear that this is gospel, this is reggae, this is hip hop, and pop and it doesn’t work that way.

We should learn not to segregate about things in this country, and move the music industry forward.

If you go to music school, they will not teach you different genre while you learn to play guitar, band, percussions and others, so why the separation of things, he asked?

We should learn to unite and do things well in this country not only in the areas of music.’’