TBS Working On Comedy Show Centered Around Notorious B.I.G.



biggieTBS is working on a scripted comedy show centered around the lyrics of The Notorious B.I.G., reports THR. The show is being produced and created by Mass Appeal, in partnership with Wayne Barrow of Bystorm Films and Voletta Wallace for Notorious B.I.G. Inc.

The show will be called Think B.I.G. and the main character is an inner-city teen who struggles to make a living in order to support his daughter and infant son. It almost sounds like what Biggie is rapping about on Ready To Die, and seeing how Big’s lyrics are the inspiration for the plot, we’ll probably see some memorable Christopher Wallace lines woven into the story.

In addition, TBS also picked up 10 episodes of an animated series called Storyville that features artists, actors and celebrities telling eye-popping stories about the entertainment industry. It feels like a fertile time for content producers to pitch television channels their rap-inspired ideas.

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