Taylor Swift’s Beau Tom Hiddleston Takes Side With Her Amidst Feud



taylor-swiftIt looks like Tom Hiddleston is playing the peacemaker in his girlfriend, Taylor Swift‘s on-going feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. We know Tom has been sticking by Taylor’s side while she’s been laying low amid her many feuds,  Kim Kardashian and Kanye in particular.

But now, we EXCLUSIVELY learned the actor’s advice for the singer and exactly how she should handle the drama.

“ Taylor has been told to take the moral high–ground by Tom and ignore Kanye and Kim‘s attacks ” a source tells us.

“ He’s told her that she doesn’t need to lower herself to their level, and it’s pointless continuing to air their dirty linen in public.” How mature of Tom!

As for the singer’s take on her beau’s feud guidance? Well, the source tells us that

“ Taylor knows he’s right, and despite the not so subtle jabs that have been thrown at her, she’s smarter than that and doesn’t need to be dragged into more petty arguments.”

Tom‘s said that’s the mature way to approach the situation, but whether she listens or not is another story.

” That’s a good point, since she’s apparently got a few plans up her sleeve to do what she does best. Taylor swift is working on some revenge tracks, specifically targeted at her haters, so time will tell if she takes her man’s advice or not ‘.

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