Rapper Lil Wayne Suffers His Third Seizure In A Month



Is The Cough Syrup Going To Kill Lil Wayne Or Lil Wayne's Career?Last week rapper Lil Wayne suffered his third seizure in under a month, reports says.  Weezy was apparently set to perform at TAO in Las Vegas for a UFC 200 party, but had to cancel his performance due to the seizure. TMZ claims he was just “moments away” from hitting the stage when a seizure overcame him.

Wayne has had a history of epilepsy since he was young, and TMZ says his doctors chalk this incident up to a lack of balanced meds. After a short stay in ICU, Wayne was released and is now recovering in Miami.

Last month fans got a scare when Wayne suffered not one, but two seizures while flying. Reports said he had not taken the proper medication for his epilepsy, though many people were sure that his heavy lean consumption the night before those seizures were the real reason behind his health problems.

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