No Hawking Law: Can Lagos Residents Just Chill?!


No Hawking Law: Can Lagos Residents Just Chill?!

I have never antagonised nor applauded Governor Ambode’s administration maybe because I do not feel his presence positively or negatively. He is just there and I don’t think he has hurt any soul for him to deserve such guilty attributed words from Social Media users.

He’s enforcement of the ‘No hawking’ law is a great step on his path. After all the incident that happened at Maryland, he will be so inhuman not to Enforce the no street hawking law. Right before he enforced the law I had gone on Facebook to demand for the immediate arrest and discipline of the hawkers that destroyed the BRT bus,what gross misconduct.

It seems we do not know how to express our grievances in polite and socially accepted ways. These hawkers are against the law and yet they have guts to destroy BRT buses,what bizarre way of life! Ambode’s enforcement of the law had no way infringed on any human right but has saved many road users and drivers unexpected accidents.

These hawkers are good at jumping in front of your vehicle or to make the case worse knock at your windows(Is it by force to buy). In fact some jump out from nowhere,scream at the top of their voices and scare you. Or the ones that unnecessarily disturb you from your mid day sleep with their noise just because you stay close to the major road. They have become a big nuisance over the years and they really need to be controlled.

Its very funny how we demand for development in Nigeria and also support street hawking. Is that how the Developed countries you compare Nigeria with operate? What ‘two mouths Nigerians do we have here!’.

I also read people ranting about how Fashola deceived the motorcycle riders during his campaign and later banned them. I will always agree that all Fashola did was bad,selfish and inhuman. He wanted to render them jobless! Without plans of creating jobs. That was bad.

But for Ambode, people claimed he bought roasted plantain and now he is banning hawkers, Oga and Madam, hawkers are different from road side sellers, don’t get it all wrong! Let’s wait till he perches on those ones nest before we nail him to the cross. As for the street hawkers, Life might seem too difficult now but some people must bear the brunt of social development.

Get a stand and sell your wares, not necessarily a big stand,it might be a tiny one in your residential area or probably two or more of you can come together to get one. Who knows,that might be the beginning of a company.

Thumbs Up Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

-By Bunmi Agbebi:
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