Meek Mill Takes Jab At Joe Budden



meek millOver the weekend, Joe Budden confronted two amateur paparazzi who had tailed his BMW and attempted to record the rapper as he exited the car. “Are y’all fucking crazy,” he says before appearing to charge at the men who quickly retreated before the video stops.

The whole encounter wasn’t amusing to Joe, but Meek Mill, who has been playing the sidelines during the whole Budden-Drake back-and-forth is having a good laugh at it.

joe budden

“Chasing opps! “he live a wild life in real life lol” Meek wrote on Instagram Sunday night (July 24), .”

Meek and Budden have gone at this themselves over the past few weeks with Joe eventually writing earlier this month, “@meekmill You keep talking everything but rap (I think we all understand why lol)..Do yourself a favor, sit back & watch a real MC do what you couldn’t.” The two rappers, who seem to be far removed from uniting over their common enemy, exchanged jabs over social media at the top of the month, Meek calling Joe a crackhead, Joe calling Nicki Minaj stupid for continuing to date Meek.

Late last week, Budden revealed why he started his lyrical onslaught against Drizzy, telling The Brilliant Idiots podcast, “I’m hurt. I am hurt. I’m appalled that nigga who know my pen game… he know I don’t care about none of that fame, success, attention, none of that. He know what I do. And you want to use your celebrity to do that to me? We smoked hookah together. How could you do that?”

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