LYRICS: INK Edwards – We’re From Here


LYRICS: INK Edwards - We're From Here

Writer: INK Edwards

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We’re from here
A small town somewhere
The same burdens we all bare
But how the government views this is unclear
Before you pull out your brooms and umbrella, I’ll pause there
Aw yeah, All fair

So me and my friends have dreams and mine just happens to be music
Not much gives me greater joy than to sing create and have my best-friend produce it
And sometimes I look to him and say, we just gotta let the music sink in
Cause I don’t got no CV, no LinkedIn
And I’m done with schooling, no afters, no masters
That’s not the story I want so I just pray certain things come faster
But we’re okay, we’re comfortable, we’re grateful

We know we’re blessed to even be here, God has been faithful
So I’m still playing these beats writing dreams down
Thinking on how everything seems now
Today I went to the movies alone and no one bothered me
One guy said what’s up but couldn’t remember where he had seen or heard of me
Do I want to be the guy who can’t walk through the mall?
Or the guy who spends no time with his family at all

Is it all worth killing for or do we just try?
Cause truth is some people just die
And I don’t want to look back when I’m 70 and just be some guy
And when I share my story let the questions be how and not why
The future is the past you can change to me

So if you could decide the story you want to tell at dinner 20 years from today, what’s it gonna be
So we could sit here tonight and pave it out
Or we could hit the strip club and wave it out
Go out tonight and have a great time
Good music, pretty women and great wine
And the journey back to the car we could barely walk a straight line
And we can’t tell if the girls are pretty cause after 2 or 3 shots all women stay fine

So the girls dishing out lies and we laughing at the taste
Cause if I hit it and my man hit it, we call that girl a brace
Aw pardon me for talking like a waste
But truth is, I pray to be blessed to help and provide for someone
And to be a guide for someone
Cause some people don’t need much
Some people just need lunch

We’re from here
Give someone a hand today
Live out a story you’ll be proud to say
Cause if I bring happiness to a few
And you do the exact same too
There’s no telling what we could do
We’re from here
We’re from here.

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