Let’s Talk About ‘That Pre-love Heartbreak’


Let's Talk About 'That Pre-love Heartbreak'

Its another season of love, affection and feelings for me and its important we gist about this common love fever called ‘pre-love heart break’.

Married couple, you really need to take the back seat here and let the single ones jump to the front. We’ll gist some other time.

Take it or leave it feelings are crazy, they will just be catching up and down and render us helpless. Meeting someone you’ve always crushed on or your typical dream partner and you instantly fall in love.

My dear all the remote control in this world can’t even stop the feeling and suddenly you meet the first hurdle, when the person tells you he/she is not ready for a relationship, they are taking their time because they just stepped out of a bad one.

As a bad ass lover and believer of good things you forge ahead as a friend. God willing your call will be answered. I heard someone say I’m much of a diva to face that, abeggi feelings no dey look status or class.

Now where the real matter, action and recovery lies is here; If you are caught in this web, for sure you will always want constant communication with the person but it seems and always end up that you initiate the conversation and the replies you get are always straight answers. Hmmmm! That one pain you, they won’t give you much attention to talk about what you guys have together or where you are heading, of course they owe you no obligation to do that after all they told you ‘No commitment’.

Suddenly you try to keep away for a long while(obviously 5 days will look so long during this period, na love re dey talk here o) you get in touch and its like they didn’t notice you guys didn’t chat for a while. At this point your feelings will be at a point of making its decisions but feelings na mumu it will still demand for its love.

The final action that breaks the carmel’s back is when they start to gist you about their new found love and how much they can’t wait to kick start the relationship (OMG am I dreaming??? I thought you were on a break??? Really?) They unconsciously or consciously show you pictures of the new catch, your personal thinking rival and all you can do is put a smile on your face.

Take a good look at them, maybe for the last time and still smile back at them. At this point having anything intimate with them will get tiring and boring (You are not getting what you want). You just want to heal this pre-love heart break.

The recovery might be rapid or slow but its worth it. The whole meeting someone new again and falling n love again seems like a heavy duty but wait!……… Love never gives up on feelings so don’t give up on love.

You are allowed to take some time off the scene to heal your ‘pre-love heart break’, love yourself deeper, build stronger walls around your heart and know that sometimes dreams never wake with us,they live in our sleep and crushes remain in our imaginations. The more you love yourself, the easier and faster you heal.

Remember that healing is different from hatred. You have no reason to hate the person, you should be thankful (surprised???). At least thankful for being honest!!! They deserve your respect for that. You are just not who they want.

No! No!!No!!! Don’t be nasty! don’t look down on yourself! You are still as good if not better than before. I love to act does not mean singing is a bad deal. I just prefer acting. My dear get hold of those feelings and open your heart to love. But;……………………..If they come back to be serious or they wanted to see your reaction. What should you do????

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-By Bunmi Agbebi

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