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Lagos Most Eligible Bachelor, Tosin Clegg To Shut Down French Village



The Lagos Most Eligible Bachelor (LMEB), Tosin Clegg would be a year older in a week and plans have been put in place for his birthday weekend, the birthday itself and a follow up series. His ground in the entertainment industry as spanned more than half a decade with major achieved heights.

He will be having the LMEB’s All White Party (#LAWS2016 ) next week Tuesday which is 12th of July at the Staff Club of the Nigerian French Language Village and it would be merged up with the 1st Official Awareness party for

#LAWS2016 will feature red carpet thrill, camera flashes, lighting, fire works, champagnes, tens of bottles, thick madames and grand masseurs.

It would be a soiree of no kind. Tosin Clegg has been known for excellent parties, shows and much more. This Party is one definitely not to be missed.

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