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Is Frank Ocean Going To Drop His Album This Month ?



Four years ago, Frank Ocean dropped what some consider a classic R&B album with his solo debut channel ORANGE with record label Def Jam. Then he just figuratively disappeared, literally he disappeared. Since then he’s only put out a handful of loose tracks, leaving fans to wonder if they will ever get his follow up, Boys Don’t Cry. Well, it looks like we will be getting the highly anticipated project in the next few weeks.

Earlier today, Frank’s website was updated to feature a new graphic that implies a July release for the album. The graphic features a library book due date notification which shows the date at the bottom as July 2016. The exact date is illegible.


Fans are holding their excitement as this isn’t the first time Franks has said the project would be dropping in the past couple of years. There also appears to be a date stamped on the card for November 13, 2016, which is a full four months from now.

Things have been looking promising lately. Back in February, snippets of a Frank Ocean studio session leaked on the Internet. In late March, producer Malay noted that the project was maybe a month away from completion.


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