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How Chris Brown Proves He Didn’t Trash Rented Villa In Ibiza -WATCH!


How Chris Brown Proves He Didn't Trash Rented Villa In Ibiza -WATCH!

Chris Brown has reacted to claims that he trashed the villa he rented in Ibiza.

He posted a series of videos on Instagram to show that he and his crew didn’t do any damages to the house. Contrary to the landlord’s claim, there was no vomit or urine in the rooms he showed in the video.

“I want y’all to see first hand what kinda bulls**t that people will try,” Breezy explained. The R&B singer then gave a short tour of the house. According to the star, the video was taken about ten minutes before he and his entourage left for the airport.

“This is exactly why I recorded all these videos in the house,” he said in another video. “And this was probably 10 minutes before we left to go to the airport. They called the police and did all kind of things without even being in the house, allocating all of these different damages that are non-existent. It doesn’t make sense.”

Frustrated with the drama, Breezy added, “It’s f**king petty and unnecessary.” He added, “It’s unprofessional. I don’t conduct myself like that. We turn up. We have fun. We not no f**king animals, bro.”