Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now


King Sunny Ade

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

The New York Times thinks he’s retired and relocated to Ondo State. But the juju legend parties every weekend, doing weddings and burials and birthdays, and getting paid in full.

Revenue Source: performance fee, spraying, VIP gifts, equipment rental. He’s also now added a radio station to his long list of investments in media.

Sharp Band

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Blessed with longevity, the band will likely outlive most of today’s pop musicians. Busy week day and weekends, they’re the only band close to Shuga, in terms of billing and patronage.

Revenue Source: performance fees, spraying, equipment rental.


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Not your usual suspect. The boyish band-leader is already nearing 50. But it’s likely he performs every day of the week. With wild, demanding fans from Lagos to Akure, experts say he grabs 0ver 40% of engagements available to the Yoruba music sector. That’s from shows to endorsements and merchandising.

Revenue Source: performance fee, spraying, endorsements, equipment rental.

Yinka Ayefele

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

18 years after the car crash that confined him to the wheel chair, Ayefele is still working a gospel-Juju formula no one can yet replicate. His stage? Anywhere Nigerians are gathered from Africa to Europe and America. Not likely his star will dim soon. He also has investments in multimedia and broadcasting, including at least one radio station in Oyo State.

Revenue Source: performance fee, media (radio station), spraying, equipment rental.

Shuga Band

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Big contender for Nigeria’s no 1 band. Akin Tofowomo and his team have found a scientific formula to making guests party, that he’s doing more cross-industry business than some of Nigeria’s biggest pop stars.

Investing in equipment and research, the band has cornered the wedding industry, adding that to other lucrative areas like conferences, AGMs and burials, in a country where parties start on Thursday and end Sundays. No off season.

Revenue Source: performance fee, spraying, equipment rental.

Sammie Okposo

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Sitting on the throne as Nigeria’s biggest Gospel artiste, Sammie Okposo keeps ruling the game, headlining shows in Nigeria, London and America on a regular basis.

Not forgetting his string of corporate and religious affiliations that see him raking in millions on a regular basis.

Revenue Source: performance fee, brand endorsements.

Femi Kuti

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Very few African acts can boast of world tours like Femi Kuti. With his ‘Positive Force Band’, Femi continues to tour the world performing on the biggest stages across the globe.

And even though the Grammy Award still eludes him, Femi is no doubt a top earner here and abroad. Earnings from Afrika Shrine in Lagos, as well as from Fela’s estate also contribute in no small measure.

Revenue Source: consumer goods, performance fees, royalties


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Sold out concerts all over the world, a string of endorsement deals, back to back hit songs, 5 albums in 5 years and a unanimous vote as the best artiste of 2015 make YBNL star, Olamide a god in the Nigeria’s music business.

He came he saw and he’s obviously conquering the world with his style of rap.

Revenue Source: Corporate deals, performance fees, commissions, royalties, gifts.


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Talk about an African artiste that attracted the most international exposure in recent times and you’ll have Wizkid. He also made headlines when he was involved in the mother of all endorsement deal swap from MTN to GLO in a deal said to be worth over 100 million naira.

While we wait for his 3rd studio album, he’s rolling with Drake and Chris Brown and cashing cheques from Pepsi, Globacom and a dozen others. Good contender for Nigeria’s first Grammy Awards – even money can’t buy that.

Revenue Source: performance fees, endorsement fees, appearance fees, royalties.


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Davido continues his dominance with amazing songs, sold out concerts around the world, winning awards and more.

It would seem he’s dragging being Wizkid, but family fortune, a busy concert schedule and corporate patronage continue to ensure he’s in a good place.

Revenue Source: See Wizkid

Don Jazzy

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Don Jazzy, the leader of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty, Don Jazzy keeps pushing the box, breaking the boundaries and setting new standards.

With the success of the Mavin 2.0 acts (Reekado Banks, Dija and Korede Bello), Don Jazzy keeps his label going strong with steady hit songs, deals and of course corporate partnerships that bring in the figures.

Revenue Source: Appearance fees, royalties, performance fees, corporate deals, commissions, gifts, non-music business interests.


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

He was apparently demystified for a minute – and many thought the charmer was down and out. But while the music failed to work, D’banj put on his suit and embraced business. The result is that he’s earned more revenue and built more partnerships than some of the biggest hitmakers of the past 18 months.

Incomes from VAS initiatives, Bank of Industry-funded projects, brand ambassadorships, and allied interests have ensured the former Mo’Hits star stay on top.

Revenue Source: royalties, VAS, appearance fees, performance fees, corporate deals, non-music investments.


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Flavour has never been the ‘LOUD’ kind of musician, but he moves with purpose and stealth, he gets the job done, achieves results and stays relevant. And those close to him will tell you he’s one of the most comfortable music men around here.

Revenue Source: Performance fees, hospitality, endorsement fees, appearance fees, royalties, non-music interests.


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

The recent controversies have punctured their earnings and relevance. But the Okoye brothers have their hands in diverse markets it’s impossible for them to go broke.

The fans are taking sides and the media is feasting on all the scandal. But their bankers in Lagos, Port Harcourt and the United States are not complaining.

Revenue Source: Corporate deals, non-entertainment businesses, real estate, royalties, performance fees.


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

King of Fuji Music Kwam 1 has had it good for decades. And he’s invested well – in relationships (APC, especially), businesses (real estate, government supplies) and in his art.

Revenue Source: Spraying, gifts, performance fees, real estate, government deals, non-music business interests.

Yemi Alade

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

No one has capitalized on the absence of a major competition in the market, in recent times like Yemi Alade. She worked non-stop to break through the barriers, as Tiwa Savage was away on maternity leave. It’s not likely there’s a major stage she didn’t rock in 2015; highly likely she grabbed at least 30 percent of Tiwa’s business share.

Revenue Source: performance fees, royalties, brand endorsement, appearance fees.

Tiwa Savage

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Like a phoenix, she rose for her one year maternity leave to claim her top spot almost immediately.

Signing deals with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, dropping a new album, touring the world, signing new deals and renewing old ones, the mother of one is on a roll.

To affirm her star power, her marital crisis did not harm to her flourishing career as she continues to rake in the cheques. And the future looks amazing.

Revenue Source: performance fees, endorsement fees, royalties, non-music investments.


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Talk about the Nigerian female act giving the country a good look internationally and Asa tops the chart.

Since she broke out 10 years ago, she’s worked to build her brand and career, and she now sits in a place most of her contemporaries can only dream of.

Revenue Source: Performance fees, royalties, entertainment business interests.


Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

Very few pop stars can out match Timaya’s influence and relevance. Like Flavour, he moves in silence and remains one of the most booked musicians within and outside Nigeria.

Timaya also has his hands in real estate, amongst other non-music related endeavours.

Revenue Source: Real estate, performance fees, royalties, appearance fees.

Banky W

Highest Earning Nigerian Musicians Right Now

The EME co-founder has not made a number one song in years, but he remained relevant and influential, building his label and artistes, becoming a director, and working with three important brands: MTN, Samsung and Ciroc, to connect with consumers. And that’s exactly why he’s still making more money than many contemporaries with number one songs.

Revenue Source: Corporate deals, brand endorsement, royalties, performance fees.


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