Halima Abubakar To Cyberbullies -‘Negative Comments Do Not Move Me At All’


Halima Abubakar To Cyberbullies -'Negative Comments Do Not Move Me At All'

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar says she’s not bothered about negative comments and criticisms on social media.

Days ago, the curvaceous actress made a revelation that created controversy and heated arguments among her fans when she said, “Can’t wait to disvirgin (sic) and have children. Please don’t preach on this post, the world have heard enough quote. Sinners will disagree” on her instagram page.

Her post became an instant public debate as many did not believe the actress could still be a virgin, however, few people took her side.

In a recent chat with punch, the actress commented on cyberbullies, saying she’s been getting negative comments for over 13 years, she’s not moved.

In her words;

“People always comment on most of my posts. You know Nigerians like to criticise whether they understand the language or not. I just want to believe that they just want to talk. I don’t want to talk about my post where I said that I was a virgin and couldn’t wait to have children.

I posted what I wanted and that was it. I have been getting negative comments from people for over 13 years; I think my body is used to it by now. Negative comments do not move me at all and I do not even have emotional feelings towards such.”

When asked about her love life, she said she doesn’t like talking about her love life;

“I do not like talking about my love life because of the way the media twists words. When the time comes, people would know about my love life. However, no matter how tight my schedule is, I always make sure I enter the kitchen daily because I love fresh food. I find time to cook.”


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