Frustrated BrymO Tweets Disappointment Over His Music Career


Frustrated BrymO Tweets Disappointment Over His Music Career

“My career ended in 2013,” BrymO tweets.

As much as we know BrymO is one of the greatest musicians that Nigeria has ever produced, the singer seems to be giving up on himself.

Financially, BrymO may not be on the same page with his colleagues in the music industry, but, content wise, BrymO can be regarded as a god.

The talented singer took to twitter to express what he feels about his career, saying his career ended in 2013.

Why is BrymO now frustrated?

Following his tussle with his former record label, Chocolate City, BrymO’s music career generated mixed feelings in Nigeria. Will BrymO make it or not, has been the question on the lips of music lovers, surprisingly, he didn’t give up.

Brymo’s style of music and his five critically acclaimed albums (Brymstone – 2007, The Son Of a Kapenta – 2012, Merchants, Dealers & Slaves – 2013, Tabula Rasa – 2014 and Klĭtôrĭs – 2016) are enough to have put him in the ranks of A-list artistes in the country but he continues to flounder amongst his colleagues.

Editor’s Note: BrymO, it is okay to be frustrated, but it is never okay to give up. Thanks for letting us know how you feel, but, do not give up. You didn’t give up when you were supposed to, now is not the time for you to lose hope on yourself. FOCUS!

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