Fans Blasts Bow Wow for Saying He is Mixed, NOT Black



Yesterday, rapper Bow Wow was seriously dragged for filth by his fans after he stated that he was not black even though the rapper denied ever making such a statement.

It all started when Bow Wow went on a Twitter rant two days ago about how he can’t relate to civil rights matters because he is of mixed race.

The 106&Park host then added that he doesn’t care about politics and chooses to stay out of it. This prompted a fan to point out to Bow Wow that his ancestors died to give him and black people nationwide the right to vote, so he should care. That was when the rapper clarified that he was mixed and not black. He even went ahead to share a photo of his estranged dad as proof.

Soon enough, fans began to react to his tweets and many were disappointed at the rapper for denying his roots. After seeing the reactions from fans, the father of one took to his Twitter yesterday evening to recant his statement and lay blame on the media for reporting falsely.

But, the damage was already done.

Bow Wow’s fans refused to let him go that easily and they made sure to remind him that his parents, despite his dad being mixed, are black people.

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