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DJ Khaled Says Kendrick Lamar Went So Hard In His Album


dj khaled

Obviously the best rapper in the game right now as anyone who has heard “Big Sean’s  “Control”  knows, Kendrick Lamar comes hard with the guest verses. He will have a guest verse on DJ Khaled’s album Major Key, which comes out on July 29th. According to Khaled, it’s going to be a good one.

DJ Khaled took a few snaps during a phone conference today in Epic Record’s New York City office.

” I want to be clear. Kendrick Lamar went so hard his verse I feel like is gonna be one of the most talked about verses.” he said.


“Also, I wanna be super clear,” he continued. “I got this Big Sean verse. Aw man, it’s so crazy.”

Khaled: “Kendrick Lamar went so hard.”


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