Dino Melaye VS Remi Tinubu: Games Of Thrones By @Bunmi_Agbebi


Dino Melaye VS Remi Tinubu: Games Of Thrones By @Bunmi_Agbebi

The aftermath of the war of words of Senator Dino Melaye and Senator Remi Tinubu seems totally interesting. I can’t help myself but keep up with the stories turned episodes for me. lol!

Senator Melaye came to Lagos to challenge every soul that threatened his stepping his foot on the soil of Lagos in fact he took pictures in the ‘Den’,the Lion’s territory and posted on social media with captions of bravery and confidence……….. What a dramatic law maker playing the bad guy character but wait! As Dino Melaye ever supported the movie industry in any way???? Yet he loves taking part in their jobs,acting roles of bravery and confidence. Issokay!

Senator Tinubu on her own part is busy living the life of the famous victim. Creating and living in her world of publicity stunts and adverts………Same also applies to her as she PERSONALLY helped and supported the media???? I am not referring to that one at Ketu o, I’m referring to supporting media men and women personally in her name???? Yet she makes herself the publicist and Advertiser.

That letter to the Acting Inspector of Police. The publication to the whole world is such a brilliant media strategy from a law maker who doesn’t know that her side job should be in the media. Sahara had the reports so quick,sorry…. I meant her own side of the story so quick and it became the synopsis of the chaos. Lol!
Dino Melaye the action man,always the actor and Remi Tinubu the publicist always ready to speak out and expose.

Your side jobs should be highly considered by the both of you instead of you two sitting in the law chambers throwing tantrums at yourselves and teaching the younger generations rubbish. I and many youths have refused to learn what you two have taught us in recent years that the only way to be heard is to be aggressive and ‘almost physical’ and the only way to show solidarity to a mentor,a leader or a boss is to threaten,insult and disregard the opponent just because he/she is against us.

You both need to explain and apologise to the younger generations for these indecent display of drama and publicity. As parents explain and apologise to their kids for their cold actions towards each other so should you two do to the youths,debunking such attitudes and desisting from them. You both really need to iron things out like adults. We are not interested in this child’s play, Nigerians are hungry and unemployed. You both really need to get busy or perhaps go on sabbatical leave! We are tired of this CHILD’S PLAY!

And for those Nigerian women protesting,I pity your mentality. Your thoughts are so shallow. You are all a big shame to womanhood and should never in your lives comment about anything that concerns womanhood unless you publicly apologise for your conscious display of engineered protest.

How dare you protest?! Not even now! You refused to protest when a woman was killed in Abuja during her evangelism. You refused to protest when women were attacked and killed in farms in Igala land of Kogi state. You refused to complain when women were abused by men and even fellow women.

You refused to speak up for the ordinary woman whose voice has been shut by a man she calls her husband. All you do is protest in support of Senator Tinubu because she is influential. I wish to meet with you women on the road of Lagos and laugh at your usual Nigerian dogmatism and weep for the future of your female children because you have destroyed the STRENGTH OF AN ORDINARY WOMAN!

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