Dencia And French Footballer Paul Pogba Are ‘Dating’!



Months after Dencia said no one will ever know who she is in a relationship with, the Whitenicious mogul is finally letting the world meet her hot lover, the French footballer Paul Pogba.

Days ago, the duo were spotted in LA and from the pictures shared by LIB, they are seen sitting so damn close, with the singer almost straddling him.

See the photos:



Credit: LIB

Last week, Dencia left a clue about the relationship all over her Instagram page. She had just visited Paris, France, and was seen with security personnel who were guiding her and a tall male partner as they got into a waiting red Ferrari.

Big clue: the supermart where their car was parked had the posters of the footballer plastered all over it.

Another big clue: during Pogba’s interview with ESPN at the ESPY awards, which Dencia also attended, the entrepreneurial singer is seen hovering at the background (spot her blonde wig behind the interviewer in a black suit).

Watch here.

And so, are they Africa’s hottest new couple?

For someone who had sworn she would keep her private life away from the media, this is one big deal.

“My life is still super private. No one will ever know who I [am] dating or date, when I have kids, etc. People only know what you put out.”

“Well, Dencia has pieced the puzzle for fans, now we can’t wait to see more of them!”

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