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Davido Reveals He Has Three Songs With Young Thug



In a new interview with Ebro of Beats1 Apple Radio, Davido revealed that he has three singles with US rapper, Young Thug.

“Last year I was more of “I gotta this person on my track, I gotta get that person on my track”. He said. “Especially since that Meek Mill record, it ‘do you’, everything gonna come’. “I remember I was trying to get in the studio with (Young) Thug, one of my boys from Atlanta hooked us up. So after a while, I was just like, let me just let it go. Then two weeks ago, I was chilling, I just get a text saying ‘Yo, where you at?’, and it’s Thug. And he’s like ‘Come to the studio’, he was like three tracks, and it was done. We did one for his stuff, and two for mine,” he said.


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