Calvin Harris Blocks His Haters In New Twitter Post



Calvin-Harris-Taylor-SwiftIts barely two months and this is already one of the messiest breakup story Hollywood has had this year as Calvin Harris is going all beast mode on ex gf Taylor Swift, and has returned to Twitter to make another statement.

The Scottish music producer let rip on social media at his ex-girlfriend Taylor over their song, This Is What You Came For, after Taylor appeared to have her team torpedo Calvin over the ‘secret’ collaboration. He returned with more ammunition as the world reels from his stinging outburst on Wednesday.

This time, Calvin shared a cryptic message of men with spoons on their eyes.

calviin cant

“Really me,” Calvin captioned one of the shots. But he must have had a change of heart as the post was deleted shortly after.

Earlier today, the hitmaker let rip after he was labelled a “f***boy”.

The DJ, who yesterday slammed his ex girlfriend Taylor on Twitter, did not appreciate an opinion piece which branded him “Hollywood’s messiest ex”. Responding to the online article, Calvin fumed it was “f***ing shameful” and said the author should be “embarrassed”.

He raged: “Nah whoever wrote this please be embarrassed as hell; bullying clickbait article – f***ing shameful. The tweet has now been deleted.

Well Calvin, if you are going to be deleting tweets then you are a fuck boy.

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