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Body Bag: Ghanaian Rapper, E.L Dishes Out New Diss Track


HOT BANG!: E.L – Body Bags

Body Bag: Ghanaian Rapper, E.L Agrees To Be War Starter In New Music

EL seems to be heated up even more on this single compared to “Love God” which had a more sober and gentle tone. We can’t say the same for ‘Body Bags‘ as the title of the song is enough to push hot buttons. There are some verses in there which are obvious jabs to artists.

Some of the verses that got me thinking are “Why N*ggas wanna f*ck up the Franchise… Turning my allies against me, I swear I’m gonn’ bring out my best side” And other lines which compliments the former… He also said “I looked up to you, but now you loosing my respect“.

There are more things said in the fam! About “His” (The person he is talking to) favourite rapper is scared to rap with Him (EL). Listen to E.L’s new single, “Body Bags” and ENJOY!

E.L – Body Bags



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