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Beyonce’s Scotland Concert Turns Violent as Fight Breaks Out



Last night in Scotland, a stampede was avoided at Beyonce’s concert after violent fights broke out in the crowd, causing panic.

Eyewitnesses at the scene told the Record’s sister site, Glasgow Live: “There is some sort of fight happening and there’s a huge barrier of stewards.


Mirror UK has confirmed this story. According to the media house, security personnel(stewards) at the concert ground, carried out the Herculean task of forming a human barricade to stop a stampede that could endanger the lives of the thousands of concert goers at the arena.

While the reason for the said violent fights are not yet known, it is a huge relief that no tragedy was recorded

Here’s what Mirror UK said:

The superstar’s performance was under way at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland, when concert-goers started ‘scrapping’.

[This] descended into violence as a fight broke out, forcing stewards to form a ‘human barrier’ in the crowd.

Stewards in hi-vis jackets had to form a barrier in the stadium – which apparently prevented people from getting back to their seats.”

Also, on Twitter, excited fans shared their experiences; while some were upset that the concert was almost marred by the fights, a few were upset that the stewards stopped them from getting back to their seats.

See the tweets: