Beef Alert – Drake Finally Responds To Joe Budden



Drake-French-Montana-After waging what seemed like a one-sided war against 6god Drake for the last few months, Budden now has a sparring partner in the Toronto rapper. Drake has finally addressed Budden, and not in a way that Budden needs to translate.

Saturday’s episode of OVO Sound Radio premiered French Montana’s “No Shopping” track from his upcoming MC4 album that drops on August 19. Drake features on the song and there’s no mistaking who he’s addressing, opening his verse with words from the Slaughterhouse rapper’s 2003 hit “Pump It Up.”

“Pump, pump, pump it up, she got a good head on her, but I pump it up / I’m not a one-hit wonder, they know all my stuff / You let me turn into the nigga that you almost was,” Drake raps over the Murda Beatz-produced track. “I done seen a lot of shit and I done been in things, and I never started nothin’, I just finish things / And I’m still off like the man that brought me in this thing, how you out here celebratin’ like the winnin’ team?”


The response isn’t that big a surprise. French Montana tipped his hand in May when he previewed the first line of Drake’s verse in a Snapchat story. Budden initially said he’d wait to hear the whole verse before responding, but went on the offensive with two diss tracks targeting Drizzy after he felt he was hit with subliminal shot from him on “4PM In Calabasas.”

The whole back-and-forth seems to have stemmed from Budden’s critique of Drake’s VIEWS on his podcast, where he said the rapper sounded “uninspired” on the chart-topping album.

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