American actress, Angela Bassett Reveals Secrets To Her Youthful Look At Age 57!



American actress and film director, Angela Evelyn Bassett in a recent interview gave an insight into her fountain of youth & dolls she started young! She tells People that her mum started taking her to see a dermatologist at a young age and today she is co-owner of a skincare line, “Dr. Barbara Sturm & Angela Bassett Skin of Color collection”

Speaking on aging

Even though people tell me I’m impervious to aging, I’m not. The scale isn’t going down the way it used to. It used to be easier, even as much as a year ago.

We check ourselves out in the mirror every day, we see the changes but you have to just do the best for yourself more often than not.

If I can work out for 30 minutes, I feel good. Sometimes I can’t, but [I like] to think, ‘Who can’t do that?’ My philosophy is: Do the best you can and do something that you enjoy. For me, I like free weights.

On her red carpet glam

I’ll say to my glam team, ‘I have great arms, you might want to show that!’ I believe we all have something—great legs, beautiful hair—so find your something, be proud of it, and accentuate it.

On her visits to the dermatologist at a young age

My mother and her siblings had a lot of challenges with her skin — and she did not want that for me.

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