A Good Name Is Better Than Money – National Hero Mr Obanago Who Returned $10k Back To Owner



I Did It Because A Good Name Is Better Than Money – Mr Ibrahim, National Hero Who Returned $10k Back To The Owner

A good name is golden. I have never met a man this sincere in my entire life, this is the first man in a very long time who has made me feel Nigeria still has beautiful people regardless of our present dire economy. An intelligent man whose spoken words is next to none which I still find unbelievable he is a security guard. The handsome man who didn’t return such exorbitant sum for compensation but for integrity is a man every single Nigerian should emulate. Though a security guard, he has taken time to get a certificate. The employee of the month UBA Oba Akran branch.

In an exclusive interview with Mr Ibrahim Ogbanago, a native of Kogi state, he revealed he has made his family name proud and his name will be engraved in time asa man of integrity which is way better than money.

What was the reception after the returning the money to the bank ?

Mr Ibrahim : After I returned the money, I met with Mr Tony Elumelu, the second day who invited most of the managing directors, board of trustees, there was a lot of handshakes and we took a lot of pictures. They all praised and congratulated me. Mr Tony asked me a lot of questions, he was so happy that people like me existed.

How have your family and friends treated you since you became a national hero, were you antagonized or praised ?

Mr Ibrahim : From the angle of my family, they were so happy, they said I have made them proud, they will forever be grateful to me, my parents, my dad, my siblings, they were so happy that I have published their names for the first time, I have made their name go viral. I made the world know their name, especially my parents they praised me

What state are you from and your family background ?

Mr Ibrahim : We are 6 in my family, 2 of us are men while 4 are ladies and they are all so happy for me with no regrets, Am single and ready to mingle.

What did your colleagues and friends say to you after you returned the morning ?

Mr Ibrahim : 98% of them were happy for me while 2% of them were angry saying all sorts of things. I told them it is not about the money, its about the name. What prompted me to do that, is this lady that returned money she found at Ikeja airport, 12million naira, so when it happened, I said to my friends I can do what she did, they didn’t believe. Now the woman has a house and a car even federal government and state government compensated her. I said to myself how I wish I can proof my friends wrong and surprisingly God now brought this my way. Even the person that brought the money to the bank was not the real owner of the money, he was sent by a company. I am a good muslim, I don’t take what belongs to others. I definitely know God will provide for me.

What has been the aftermath since the event, has there been any compensation from anyone ?

Mr Ibrahim : Though Mr Tony Elumelu, the chairman of UBA group, said he will write to me officially , but since then I haven’t heard anything from anybody. I know what I did is good and am happy about that. Am not expecting any reward from it.

Thank you sir for your time

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