6 Things Nigerians Love About South Africa


It is summer! While Nigerians do not necessarily experience the season (they only have wet and dry seasons), they tend to take time off and travel the world around that time; and in addition to London, Dubai and USA, one other country a lot of Nigerians line up to visit is South Africa.

In fact, whether they are going on holiday, travelling for work or relocating to pursue careers, South Africa is usually one of their first picks. Surely, there is a lot to love about South Africa.

6 Things Nigerians Love About South Africa

The luxurious hotels

Nigerians generally love to enjoy the fine things of life which include luxury hotels. South Africa is home to some of the most beautiful and original hotels in the continent that offer unique and incredible variety of accommodation as well as experiences.

Nigerians love to visit these hotels, especially the ones in Cape Town for profuse indulgence and exclusive treatment.

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