6 Things Every Young Immature Girl Should Know


6 Things Every Young Immature Girl Should Know

When blood is young and raving through your veins, you are ready for an adrenaline rush all the time. This is a transitional time, when your body is experiencing physical and psychological changes, thus your emotions and hormones are in turmoil.

Your mind and heart want to experience the white waves on a surf board, to feel the morning dew on your bare feet. It is all about discovering happiness, loneliness, madness and “love”.

The mind and the heart are innocent and pure. They are curious as to what a puff of smoke feels like, to feel the ecstasy of a fast drive or to sit on the edge of the roof top of a building.

It doesn’t know what fear is.

Don’t sell your soul to the devil

This is the time when a girl needs to remember who she is and what her parents had cultured her to be in her childhood. She needs to remind herself constantly the difference between good and bad so that she doesn’t lose herself in the midst of chaotic youth.

This is the time where she needs to protect her soul and build an incorruptible image to follow her, in her years as an adult.

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