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Workers In Belarus Go To Work Naked- Check The Reason Here


The President of The Republic of Belarus just made a greatest joke of his dictator tenure ever during a speech which Belarus citizens took quite literally. Workers in Belarus have been posting images of themselves either naked or nearly naked while at work on social media saying that it was on the President’s Orders.

The President, Alexander Luka had said while speaking on new technology,

“ Innovations, IT-technologies, privatisation – it is all clear. We’ve conquered all of them. But everything is very simply, one should get undressed and work.”

Belarusians took this to heart and started doing just that with gusto getting it to trend on social media with the hashtags, #getnakedandgotowork, and #getnakedandwork.

Different images with workers naked at work in offices, office meetings, construction jobs etc have surfaced online. The cheeky campaign started last Friday and has continued drawing hilarious comments.

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