Why Most Men Benefit More From Relationships Than Women


Why Most Men Benefit More From Relationships Than Women

Most guys think being in a relationship has a lot of disadvantages, but they’re actually better off when they share their lives with someone else.

Although almost everyone wants to be in a relationship at some point, many people are still reluctant to get involved with someone because of the changes that will, inevitably, occur.

A lot of good things can come out of a relationship, but there are disadvantages, as well. Unfortunately, most people are more likely to notice the bad things than the good. That’s why they think being in a relationship is a step down: living the single life has its perks, and being tied down means not being able to take advantage of them.

What’s so bad about being in relationship?

The disadvantages of being in a relationship come in many forms. Fights are the first thing to come to mind. Next, there’s the issue of what to do and what not to do.

Some couples go into relationships they were forced into, either by guilt or necessity. When this happens, they end up feeling unhappy and incomplete.

If you look at the big picture, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being in a relationship. If, however, you choose to nit-pick and see all the bad that may come out of relationships, then what’s the point in being in one?

Yes, there will be problems. Some of them might be huge, while some of them will be pretty shallow. But, for the most part, the fact that you’re with a person you really love makes up for any roadblocks you run into.

Why do men benefit more from relationships?

This is not an argument for gender equality. We’re actually looking at why men end up being better in relationships than they were when they were single.

It’s not a generalized assumption. Studies show that men who are in serious relationships or are married became healthier and happier. How?

#1 They are healthier.

Being in a relationship pushes people to be healthier for their partners. Accountability accounts for most of this phenomenon. When you’re single, you care more about yourself than you do others.

For men, it’s a bigger challenge, because they are pressured into being the healthiest individual in the family unit. They are the provider and the rock, which means they are expected to hold the family together.

That is why they are motivated to stay healthy. Or… maybe it’s because their wives take better care of them.

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