Unintentional Things Girls Do That Guys Love


Unintentional Things Girls Do That Guys Love

What can you do to get noticed and make your guy go gaga? Apparently, not a lot. Here are 22 unintentional girly things girls do that drive guys wild.

Trying to get a guy to notice you can be hella difficult, whether you’re single or in a relationship with one. Figuring out just what men want and like can also be a tad confusing. This is why women go to so many lengths to look pretty. After all, guys are highly visual creatures and are more quickly drawn to things that are pleasing to their eyes.


However, what we don’t know is that for guys, it really doesn’t take much to please them. Just the fact that you’re a woman is enough to get them to notice you. Even your girliest girly side is enough to melt their hearts and make them fall head over heels.

22 girly things that drive ‘em men wild and make them love you

Read up on these surprising, unintentional things you do that drive guys crazy over you.

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