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Troll Accuses Lepacious Bose Of Losing Weight To Impress People – Read Her Response



A few days back, a supposed fan of comedienne, Lepacious Bose accused her of losing weight to impress others. According to him, not everyone was meant to be slim. He further advised her to stop “hurting herself.”

The comedienne who has been very open about her weight loss journey and has even taken it a step further by floating a weight loss consult, didn’t just give the troll a piece of her mind, she also shared a screen grab of their conversation on social media and advised fans.


She wrote: “On your journey in life not everybody will celebrate you. Guard your space jelously so bad belle people will not distract you. Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life……
Remember what I always say no bi only person weh dey fly for night be witch. Some people are actually more evil than the devil himself. Abi ke! Se oro niyen? Msheeeeeeeeew

Photo credit: Brothers Imagery