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Things to Consider Before Giving Up on Love


Things to Consider Before Giving Up on Love

If you’re feeling like there’s no one in the world for you and you just want to give up on love altogether, you may want to read this first.

Love sucks. I mean it REALLY sucks. Forget all of those fairytale movies about how the guy comes swooping in and rescues his damsel in distress and they fall madly in love and live happy ever after… as soon as they defeat those bad guys.

Love is NOT that simple. Behind all the butterflies and fairy tales, love can sometimes rear an ugly, heartbreaking side. Nobody ever explained that part of love to me, so I’d like to make sure that others are well informed before diving into a relationship.

Okay, so love might not be ALL bad.

I blame my cynical ways and nightmarish past relationships for that momentary rant about how much love can be a pain in the butt. Truthfully, I love love. And so does everyone else. That’s why we spend years upon years in search of our “one true love.”

Love means having someone to share your secrets with, someone to support you when times get tough, and even someone to tell you when you’re being a whiney little brat and you need to shut the hell up. Everyone should have that person in their lives.

Giving up on love is not the solution

I know what you’re thinking: “No. I don’t NEED someone like that. I am just fine on my own.” And while I completely believe that you can live life without having that type of companion, I know that deep down, you want one.

Nobody should feel so helpless in their love life that they actually give up on love altogether. These are all really important things you should consider before throwing in the towel and calling it quits with love for good.

Source Bella Pope (Love Panky)