The Economy Situation Is Affecting Our Business – Once Chance Suspect Confesses


The suspect, Adeleke Rasaq, 24, who was arrested alongside his gang members, Lucky John, 22, in Abule-Egba, Agbado Oke Local Council Development Area, they do not make much money from One Chance as they used to in the past. One Chance is the popular name for a type of robbery in Lagos, where unsuspecting passengers are robbed in commercial buses, Danfo, whose ‘driver’ and some ‘passengers’ are members of a robbery

The arrested Adeleke, who resigned as a factory worker to join One Chance robbery gang, said: “We do not make much money like before. The present economic condition in the country has greatly affected One Chance business. We have not been able to make much money— everywhere is dry.”

Corroborating Adeleke’s confession, his gang’s member, Frankly, said:
“We have not made much money since Monday (last week). We have been sharing N20,000, N30,000 and N40,000. “This is unlike before. When I operate alone, I could make close to N150,000 daily. Now, business is so difficult.”

He said he teamed up with Lucky because pocket-picking was not easy in Lagos any longer. He said: “When you work alone, you might not make much. It has not been easy working independently lately. So we have to team up to make more money to survive. Both of us live in Badagry. “Every day, we come to Abule Egba, Agege, Fagba, Egbeda to operate. As soon as we make enough money, we would retire for the day.” Explaining how he joined the robbery syndicate, he said: “I resigned from the company I worked for when I noticed that a lot of my friends in Ajegunle, who were doing this kind of hustling were living better than companies’ chief executives. “Every guy does this in Ajegunle. We do not see it as a crime: it is called hustling,” adding that he joined the gang six years ago.

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