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Strugglers Vs Hustlers -By @Bunmi_Agbebi


Strugglers Vs Hustlers -By @Bunmi_Agbebi

Nowadays the World is filled with too many strugglers fighting for recognition.

Everybody wants to be reckoned with,spoken to or about and infact some go as far as struggling to be influencers of the World.(lol). Everytime I see the struggles of these individuals,I’m like ‘drama no go gree’. They battle for almost everything and react badly if they are ignored or denied.

Social media has actually made everything worse! Many people wish to look like a particular celebrity and do most things like them, live lives that are not theirs,even this so called celebrities are faking the lives. There are some Nigerian celebrities that live in the ghettos, borrow pose with clothes and apartments, take pictures and post on social media and then we go crazy! wondering why God has refused to pick your call.

Many of these celebrities are strugglers looking made. There is a big difference between hustlers and strugglers. Hustlers work to attain success, they are pure and real. Strugglers lie to attain success,they are fake and desperate and trust me when you expose them, they become very violent.

Imagine a celebrity saying he/she bought a house they rented; the person is obviously struggling to meet up. Stop struggling and claiming its hustling.

I know of a Nigerian stylist who was bent on attending Gbenro and Osas’s wedding in the south-south part of the country and he had nothing tangible in his account. He wanted to travel by air just to meet up,this pikin went round begging for money to buy plane ticket and I was wondering,what a STRUGGLE. The most annoying thing is this stylist is fond of introducing himself by the things he has done and I’m always like,yes you have produced a movie but I have never heard of it or watched it #shikena.

This same strugglers are wonderful picture takers,they have nice locations for their pictures. No opportunity is wasted(for where?) and their captions will make you hungry for goodluck. Always short and precise. e.g ‘Dad’s crib’, ‘home chilling’ and if they really want to break the backs of many of their fans they just put smileys. Social media fans go come dey craze like say vision don come out say them no go achieve.

I heard a story of this particular hustler/ struggler. I can’t give him a definite role cos he is actually hustling but damaging his hustle with struggle. He is a make-up artiste who was based in Ibadan but now Lagos don give am hope. Anytime he was in Lagos then,he was a bloody squatter. He squats with pride and claims he is your house mate. Anytime he lives his host place and they meet outside he turns them to famzers and makes sure he informs people around that his host is a parasite. When I heard this story,fear grabbed me and I wondered what a struggle.

Another set of strugglers are the English ones!. My dear everybody wants to be British o! The struggle for this set no be small. When they begin to speak,you will doubt their human existence. They speak with confidence and assurance that they are on the right track.

Any attempt to correct them na catastrophe. Infact they will attempt to correct you that should tutor them. In the other hand the hustlers will let you know they are not 100% good in English and tell you to permit their mistakes. A very surprising thing is this fashion pikin/presenter,his captions no dey follow punctuation marks come this world. His grammar sometimes are heart breaking, I thought it was a grammatical mistake at first but after its persistence I wondered what education his University abroad gave him.(I no call name o).

The delirious ones are the relationship strugglers. Abeg these one they always kill me with laughter. Everybody wants to be dated cos ‘A’ is in a relationship. Their imaginary partners are always the richest,finest or hottest. I know of somebody who went for another assignment in another state but claimed their partner sent for them (lmao).

Trust me these strugglers have the best and interesting stories formulated. They buy expensive gifts on credit by themselves and say ‘bae just dumped this little thingy for me here. He/she is filled with surprises’. Meanwhile the relationship hustlers who are building their relationships steadily will continue to move from step 1 to another hoping to make themselves better. When these strugglers eventually meet a potential partner,they will always ruin the opportunity comparing their imaginary ones to this real one. WAHALA!

These next set of strugglers are amazing. They are the car strugglers. These ones are noise makers! The moment they earn small cash like this they will quickly make part payment for a car,cruise the car round the town,visit friends they have not seen in years.

Some will even offer to drive the friends round town and threaten to drop them on third mainland bridge at night. Or maybe the ones that make full payment for the car and start borrowing Money from all the four corners of the world for fuel,servicing and repairs. I know of someone who said he was servicing his car for N46,000. My people fear wound me,I screamed and I was like, just servicing and he said yes(Like say I no dey use car). My people it was in my presence his friend brought the car back and gave him money for renting his car!

The shock on his face was out of this world and as a jasi person I changed the topic sharply(lol). Meanwhile the hustlers who are more privileged than the strugglers will patronise public transport till God answers their prayers on a clean slate.

This life shaaaaaaa!!!!……but wait o,which one are you,a STRUGGLER OR A HUSTLER?????

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