Scientists Say You Will Soon Die If You See Dead Relatives Or Friends In Your Dream


Scientists Say You Will Soon Die If You See Dead Relatives Or Friends In Your Dream

Have you ever heard stories about dying people who saw their dead loved ones in their dreams? Well, a group of American scientists have finally studied the phenomenon and got the unusual results.

It turns out that for the majority of people lying on their deathbed to have visions and dreams of deceased friends and relatives is  rather common. And the visits become more frequent the closer the person is to leaving this world.

Scientists from Canisius College, New York interviewed 66 patients receiving end-of-life care in a hospice, who admitted that they ahd  at least one such vision per day. The researchers believe that such visions somehow prepare a person for transition from life of death.

The scientists write: “As participants approached death, comforting dreams/visions of the deceased became more prevalent. The impact of pre-death experiences on dying individuals and their loved ones can be profoundly meaningful.

These visions can occur months, weeks, days, or hours before death and typically lessen fear of dying, making transition from life to death easier for those experiencing them. A . study of hospice nurses in 2013 found a staggering 89% accredited the visions to calm and peaceful deaths. “

Deathbed phenomena refers to a range of paranormal experiences claimed by people who are dying. Scientists who have studied cases of deathbed visions have described the visual, auditory, and sensed presences of deceased relatives or angelic beings during the dying process as hallucinations.

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