Paul Okoye Ventures Into Video Directing



Paul Okoye of Psquare has taken to video directing of late.

The pop act who is known to be in the spotlight wowing audiences alongside his brother asPsquare has now ventured into video directing learning and working closely with ace video director Clarence Peters.

Weeks after his directional debut as a label CEO of Rudeboy records  for Muna’s ‘Slow slow’single , Paul has confirmed he is taking a break from the spotlight and will mostly be working from behind the scenes, directing the videos of his new artistes Lucy and Muno. with plans to make his videos different from the conventional.

Nowadays, I am mostly behind the scenes. Like I did the Muno video, but this time  I’m co-directing with Clarence Peters for Lucy’s video” the Psquare singer reveals to HipTV, adding he chose the new career path because of the many poorly directed videos that make it to the screen.

The singer describes Lucy as a Rihanna look-alike “Take a look at her face, ‘She reminds you of somebody right, Naija Riri!” he laughed.

He added that he’s sick and tired of watching music videos that don’t stand out, advocating that the concept of the videos should be different from the usual, and that’s what he plans to achieve with his new wave.

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