Open Letter To June – ‘Don’t kill The Whole World’


Open Letter To June - 'Don't kill The Whole World'

Hey JUNE, Pull a seat. We NEED to TALK. What the f*ck man, what in f*ck’s name are you doing? The f*ck is going on man?

Was this the plan? This wasn’t what we discussed when you arrived 15days ago man. What the f*ck?

It’s not even half of your visit yet and you’ve taken almost everybody on the planet and sent them to the great beyond. What’s up man? The f*ck is wrong with you man?

You started with the world’s greatest (ALI). We said, ok, he was old, and was suffering from Parkinson’s. So, you did him a favour. Then, all of a sudden, you took our very own KESHI. That wasn’t a wise move at all. But, we let it slide. Within 24 hrs of taking KESHI, as if you were playing sport, you took SHUAIBU again. What the f*ck is wrong with you man? You high on coke or something June? Damn.

Like all that wasn’t enough already, you crawled in again, and took HENRIETTA KOSOKO. Damn you June, Damn you. We thought you were done being a callous petty b*tch, but no, we was wrong. You have taken Babatunde Okungbowa (Ojb Jezreel) again!!!.

F*ck you June. The f*ck is all of these?. People die everyday, but if this much celebs have died in just 13days, one can only imagine how many people you’ve taken June.

Not forgetting the 50-something lives you took in Orlando not long ago. For f*ck’s sakes. Slow the hell down man.

You had better stopped this shit, or we’ll have to send you back before you complete your 30day visit.


-By Ayo-Ajayi Jobz Schmo (Edited By: Adebusoye Ademola)

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