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Motivational Speaker Tells Followers To Walk On Hot Coal



White people are very crazy but have no one to tell them as a motivational speaker went to the extreme to get his works done.

A Tony Robbins’ motivational seminar went haywire in Dallas when more than 30 people who walked on hot coals had to get treated for burns.

According to reports, 5 people were hospitalized Thursday night, while the rest were treated on-site for burns to their feet and lower legs. Tony had encouraged attendees to walk the coals in order to conquer their fears. It’s a common thing at Robbins’ events.

Tony’s people told reporters … 7,000 guests walked across the coals and only five “requested any examination beyond what was readily available on site.”

At least one attendee blamed the burns on a lack of focus — some people were reportedly taking selfies. This also happened at a 2012 event in San Jose.


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